Book and Comic Artists

Many artists have drawn Modesty Blaise for the book covers, the comics, promotional material, and other sketches and paintings of their own. There is a good overview of the comic strip artists at (and information about the artists on other websites, including Wikipedia), but very little information on the book cover artists. The most well-known of the book cover artists are Robert McGinnis (the Fawcett Crest paperbacks) and Michael Codd (several of the Souvenir Press editions); if you have information on any cover artists, please do send it in.

Below are some randomly collected pieces by Modesty Blaise book and comic artists.

Pieces by other artists can be found on this page.

Book and Comic Artists

  • Robert McGinnis
  • Jim Holdaway
  • Enrique Badia Romero
  • John M. Burns
  • Mike Codd
  • Thomas Yeates

    Robert McGinnis

    Robert McGinnis was the illustrator of hundreds of paperbacks in the 1960s through 1980s, including the Fawcett Crest reprints of Sabre-Tooth, I Lucifer, and A Taste for Death. There are many websites dedicated to his art (which was not just limited to book covers); this book provides the most comprehensive -- although not complete -- collection of his paperback covers.

    Below are some of his Modesty-themed paintings.





    Jim Holdaway

    Jim Holdaway was the first artist of the Modesty Blaise comic strips -- requested specifically by Peter O'Donnell. He illustrated the Evening Standard strips from 1963 to 1970. Below is one of his paintings of Modesty. There is also a wonderful article that looks at where Holdaway may have got his inspiration for Modesty, at The Rules of Attraction (scroll down to the bottom of the page).


    Holdaway and Romero coloured strips

    Keith Anderson, a Modesty Blaise fan, created these coloured versions of Holdaway and Romero strips. The first image shows an original black and white (Holdaway's) compared to the coloured.






    Enrique Badia Romero

    Romero began illustrating the Modesty Blaise strip in 1970, after Jim Holdaway's unexpected death. He drew the Modesty Blaise strip until 1978, and then returned in 1986, remaining with the strip until Peter O'Donnell retired in 2001.

    Romero's 1970s work on the Modesty Blaise strip is being reprinted in an ongoing series of compilation volumes published by the UK company Titan Books since 2005, while Comics Revue has reprinted all of his post-1986 work on the strip. (You can also view a gallery of Romero artwork on Karl-Heinz Hermann's site.)

    Two Romero prints:

    The story is that on Romero's first signing outside of Spain, in Holland, these two pictures was printed, 35 of each. The Modesty picture is signed By Peter O'Donnell and Romero, the Modesty/Axa picture is signed by Peter O'Donnell, Romero, and the Axa writer. The event was very poorly advertised so almost none of the prints was sold.

    Romero Modesty Zodiac series

    In November 2008, the Seriegalleriet in Stockholm held a Romero exhibit from, which included (for sale) Romero motives with 'Modesty and signs from the zodiak'). Below are scans of these prints; thanks to Mats J├Ânsson for sharing these.


    John M. Burns

    John M. Burns illustrated the Modesty Blaise strip for a short time, during Romero's hiatus. The stories he illustrated were Yellowstone Booty, Green Cobra, and (part of) Eve and Adam.


    Mike Codd


    Mike Codd was the cover artist of five of the Souvenir Press books. Although some of his artwork can be found on the internet, I have not yet been able to track down any biographical information on him. To gather together the disparate pieces of his that I've collected up, there is now a Mike Codd page on this site.


    Thomas Yeates

    Thomas Yeates is the artist of the Manuscript Press 'Lady in the Dark' comic.