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To date, two movies and one TV pilot have been made based on the Modesty Blaise character and/or books.

The seems to be enough continued interest (from the public, at least) in the making of a film that will do justice to the character of Modesty Blaise to keep various rumours afloat, but even with a script based on 'I, Lucifer' apparently written by Neil Gaiman, no such productions are in the works.

Quote from The Woo Factor: "...after the [2003] film (the third attempt to adapt the character for the screen) received mixed critical reviews and never achieved theatrical release, O'Donnell went on record that he wanted no more movies to be made of his character."


My Name is Modesty (2003)

A movie based on Modesty's early years was made in 2003, called "My Name is Modesty", and starring Alexandra Staden as Modesty Blaise. The DVD is now available on

Although the 'frame story' is one not taken from any of the books, the flashback story is taken from the glimpses of Modesty's childhood and pre-Network years that we are given in 'Modesty Blaise', 'The Xanadu Talisman', and the comic strip 'In The Beginning'.

There is also an extensive interview with Peter O'Donnell as part of the DVD extras.


Modesty Blaise: Alexandra Staden
Director: Scott Spiegel
Written by: Quentin Tarantino/Neil Gaiman

Modesty Blaise (1966)

In 1966, "Modesty Blaise", the movie, was made, starring Monica Vitti as Modesty Blaise, Terence Stamp as Willie Garvin, and Dirk Bogarde as Gabriel. This movie is not very true to the book (particularly in terms of character) -- Peter O'Donnell's script was rewrittten by five different writers, until only one line of the original remained. The only good thing I can think to say about it is that is spawned the book series - at least we have that to thank it for!

Currently the movie is available on VHS and DVD.

One of the promo shots of this movie was also used as a cover for the Modesty Blaise paperback.

Movie Poster

Promotional Brochure

More graphics of promotional material from around the world can be found on the 1966 Movie page.

Modesty Blaise TV Pilot (1982)

In 1982, an American TV pilot was made, intended to be the start of a TV series. The program was based (very loosely) on the characters created by Peter O'Donnell for his comic strip, Modesty Blaise, and the plot was based (even more loosely) on the first Modesty Blaise book (which in turn had been a novelization of a practically unused screenplay that Peter O'Donnell had written for the first Modesty Blaise film).

The program featured Ann Turkel as Modesty Blaise, Lewis Van Bergen as Willie Garvin, Keene Curtis as Tarrant, and Sab Shimono as Weng. It ran 50 minutes.

Some additional information can be found at IMDb.